Sniper is an Italian band put together in 1993 by Fabio Turchetto, Carlo Emilio Esini and Franco De Lucca, musicians from the Venetian area. The band's current repertoire is a mixture of Rebetiko, Rom, Bosnian, Makedonian and Balkan melodies arranged in spicy and unorthodox way..
Looking for an original sound, at first the Sniper worked on the Yiddish repertoire with samplers and sequencers. In 1994 a young soprano, Elisabetta Montino, joined the band, her collaboration culminating with a CD recorded two years later but unfortunately not available today: False and lost melodies of Banato and Maramures.
A new line up, with vocalist Alessandra Andolfo and young Bosnian accordionist, Admir Uzicanin (a.k.a. The Man from Bijeljina) turned the band's approach to Balkan music into a more "physical" one. In 1998 the band released its first studio recording The Man from Bijeljina (for Srazz Records, a Venetian indipendent label). The CD, despite a limited distribution, was warmly welcomed both in Italy and abroad.
Lello "Ragib" Gnesutta, a
terrific bass player, joined the band at the end of the last century contributing to Sniper's new live sound. The band has been touring Northern and Central Italy in venues ranging from centro sociale (Leoncavallo, Pedro, Cayenna, etc.), to theaters and balkan fairs.
In 2001 Sniper, with Bebo Baldan on drums, mixed the ingredients for a new CD presenting songs from the Balkan region in the now well defined Sniper Western pop(ular) sauce.
Sniper's brand new cd Oprosti mi mama is out now on
Dating from the 2000 tour the band is joined by


a charming cocek and belly dancer.

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Sniper has the heart in the Balkans and the head in the West - Sniper plays the lost melodies of the East
Sniper plays fake gipsy songs - Sniper is a phoney Roumanian note
Rockers don't like Sniper - Purists don't like Sniper either - Sniper is not an answer, it's a question.